Piracies, or, In a time of Novichok

"Felix Culpepper books are gothic fairy-tales for adults,
and part of the point of a fairy-tale is to remember how near the goblins are
– or, in sterner language, how thinly we’re partitioned off from hell."

Piracies is an account of an attempted attack on England
with Novichok-5, a Soviet-era nerve-gas; an attempt thwarted by the saturnine Dr Culpepper
of St Wygefortis' College, Cambridge, and his dim aristocratic undergraduate minions.

And the revelation of a secret British colony. And a day-trip to the Seventh Circle of Hell.

It was written in 2017 (when its premise seemed far-fetched),
and appears as an e-book in May 2018.

A reader of Quintember: “Richard Major is an incredible talent –
can’t wait to read more.”