This Lower World:
more of the misdemeanours
of Dr Felix Culpepper

ISBN 978-1-908041-69-2.

You are three men of sinne, whom destiny
That hath to instrument this lower world,
And what is in't: the neuer surfeited Sea,
Hath caus'd to belch vp you; and on this Island,
Being most vnfit to liue: I haue made you mad


From the publishers' blurb: "Has Dr Felix Culpepper, freelance assassin to the British Establishment, finally met his match? Few other Cambridge Fellows have quite Felix's experience of life, or of death. From New York to Venice, he cheerfully takes on the international aristocracy of murder. But then, amid the fragrant mellowness of England's heartwoods, he finds a more disturbing - and violent - moral dilemma than ever before."

This Lower World was published on 20 September; it available direct from the publisher, and will shortly pop up in all self-respecting bookshops.

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