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“A high-cultured romp. The crematorium episode, for example, stands comparison with the best comic novels.
It also pulls off two very difficult feats: being very readable, and creating its own believable world.
St Wygefortis’ College emerges from the pages fully realised. Even the archetypally dull Fenland village is vivid.
(The reviewer once lived next to a village off-licence that could very easily have sold ‘Santa Million’.)
Its style has echoes (a nod to Nabokov, a shot of Waugh, a chaser of Chesterton), but isn’t derivative.”

“A cracking read with an amazingly original comic premise”

“The world of letters presently has far too few tutors in Greats at St Wygefortis' College, Cambridge,
or in fact assassins-at-large for HMG.
That it has now gained one of both can only be regarded as an excellent application of what
Culpepper himself doubtless would call the omnibusses-all-at-once rule.”

“Such a wonderful read... witty, mysterious and interesting! Highly recommended!
I am really looking forward to the sequel.”

“Excellent book, unbearably exciting and witty.”

“A book of immense creativity and wit. A delightful waltz through
a dark but enjoyable world created by Richard Major.”

“This book is the love-child of The Name of the Rose and Lucky Jim.
Brilliant, glittering, fun, addictive.”

“No question that Major is the greatest comic novelist in English since Evelyn Waugh.
I laughed, I cried. Bring on the sequel!”

“Engagingly devious: H. H. Munro ravished by Simon Raven.”

“Look no further for the perfect summer read. Outlandishly funny.”

“Thrills to make you shiver, hilarity to split your sides. Read it!”

“A rollercoaster read.”

“Great book, really enjoyed.....happy to vote and good luck”

“A twisted, amazing tale from a talented author.”

“A clear winner, in my book! The prose is refined and elegant, and funny.
The characters are rich and real. A great literary experience.
The book deserves the highest recognition”


“Brilliantly witty, extraordinary ideas delivered in
sumptuous sentences. Completely original. ”

“A cracking read with an amazingly original comic premise”

“Besides suspense, wry giggles, linguistic pleasure and lashings of bombast
each of Culpepper's cases delivers multiple tales: good value on every front.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to other works by this talented author!”

“Fabulous must read!”

“Witty, unique, and refreshing. Lots of laughs!”

“Brilliantly written!”

“How often do you find a comic hero who infuriates you, grosses you out,
and makes you laugh until you fall down?
Major's Culpepper is marvelous and malign. ”

“It's dazzling!”

“By the far the best book of the competition”

“Mr.Major has written a triumph of a book. Engaging, multifaceted, a joy to read. ”

“Excellent Book”

“Highly recommended for anyone looking for a heady cocktail of plot and pastiche,
very elegantly put together, with gripping stories and hilarious jokes
(ranging from the literary to the ludicrous).
Felix Culpepper is deplorably louche, but very entertaining.
The message has to be ‘hold on tight for a roller coaster read.’”

“Brilliant Book”

“Wit and brio!”

“Superbly languaged, funny and fascinating.”

“Wit, brilliance and wonderment lurk around every corner!”

“Hoorah for an intelligent new sleuth
with the added bonus of mirth and fun.”


“Richard Major is an incredible talent – can’t wait to read more!”

“Excellent and captivating book!”

“What a ride! One of the most unique, scary and funny reads ever.
Worth a second trip.”

“I laughed so loud that the book fell or flew from my hands –
not so much unputdownable as unnotpickupagainable.”