“Rarely,” says The European Review of Books and Culture, “does an author have so fresh and lush a voice. Major’s writing feels wholly new, with the dry humour of Wodehouse, a dash of Waugh, and a Joycean love of the sound of words. You’ll want to read lines aloud, and I laughed repeatedly over the course of the first few pages. Masterly, fresh, witty, this is a major new voice.”

“To say that Quintember is a mock-thriller and a comedy of manners,” says The Living Church, “is to say as little as that the Symposium is a dialogue. This is a hilarious and sharp-as-steel lawn-mower of a book cutting through the fields of human delusion and vanity.”

“A high-brow spoof that manages to hit the humour nail on the head on almost every page.... a lot of fun.
Quintember is a sharp social satire, a comedy of manners, and a platform for debating theological and philosophical issues.
Nothing is spared from being caricatured and many a human pomposity is punctured; politics, heritage, cultural snobbery, literary posturing all get lampooned.” Nudge magazine

“Fast-paced, witty and full of suspense, with a wonderfully weird College, and a really delightfully idiosyncratic hero.”
Professor Charles Moseley, Cambridge University

“If there is a book with more erudition, violence and wit in it, it has yet to cross our desk.
Culpepper is the ideal hero for our debased days.” IndieBooks